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Drs. Troy Counselman and Daron Stegall have owned 12 high profit chiropractic and multi-disciplinary practices over the last 15 years and maintain a full-time income presently as absentee owners. During this time they have consulted with hundreds of clinics and have written and published two best-selling books on the business of chiropractic including their first book Success for the New Chiropractor followed by Ultra Success in the Business of Chiropractic which earned an unheard of 11/10 rating from the reviewers at Dynamic Chiropractic. Recently they have completed and released the completely revised edition of their powerful and yet very easy to implement ROF system called the Psychology of the Successful ROF. In early 2011 they released the Chiropractic Marketing Dominator.This online marketing plan generator software can be purchased as a standalone product but for a limited time is also available to all new members of Patients to Profits – The Complete Chiropractic Success System. Please see the Pricing page for more information.
Tory Counselman BBA, DC
Daron Stegall DC
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